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November 2013 Meeting – Kim Harcourt

18 Nov

Kim Harcourt was trained at the Ontario College of Art and during her time in Toronto was involved as a member of Toronto Potters Executive. Kim worked in the quality control area of Tuckers Pottery Supplies testing clays and glazes. Now she has achieved her dream of a studio in a rural setting north of Shelburne, Ontario with her husband, musician Ed Roman. Experienced in the potters’ wheel, Kim specializes in thrown and altered forms for both one- of- a-kind pieces and for works in series. Pottery produced in her studio Black Earth Music and Pottery is fired in electric, gas or wood kilns, depending on the effect she desires to achieve. Kim participates in the North of 89 Studio Tour and is a member of the Women Who Wood group of potters. Recently, she built a wood kiln on her property. Kim will be sharing details and images of the building and firing process at the November meeting of Toronto Potters.


Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

750 Spadina Avenue
southwest corner of Bloor and Spadina
Room 218 or 318, elevator available
Street parking on adjoining streets

Phone 416-924-6211

Fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00

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