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Mary McKenzie Exhibit @Gardiner Museum Shop, February 2015

3 Feb

Mary McKenzie was awarded the honour of exhibiting at the Gardiner Museum Shop, during our Bi-ennial Exhibition which took place this past fall.

Her works will be on exhibit from February 3 to 15. (For full details of the show hours see: )

Toronto Potters congratulates Mary McKenzie on this award and encourages everyone to come out and view her work in person.

Unreliable Narrator Postcard 1Unreliable Narrator Postcard2

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in the show:

Just click on images for larger view of each piece.

Mary McKenzie-Comfort 1Mary McKenzie-GrammaMary McKenzie-In DisguiseMary McKenzie-My TurnMary McKenzie-Play Your Heart OutMary McKenzie-Sculpture 1Mary McKenzie-Sunday BestMary McKenzie-Take CareUnreliable Narrator


January 2015 Workshop

3 Feb

On January 31, Toronto Potters hosted a day-long workshop at the Miles Nadal JCC.

During the morning session, Marc Egan provided a detailed demonstration of Cuerda Seca (dry line) from design to drawing and glazing.

A mixture of iron oxide and wax is used to create lines on the surface of bisqueware, this will burn into the clay during the glaze firing, leaving a dark pattern similar to lead lines in stained glass or grout lines in mosaic. Thick glazes are used to fill in the spaces created by the lines and will remain raised on the surface in contrast to the lines. The varying the thickness of the glazes within the spaces will result in mottling of the colours in the final product adding both interest and depth.

Click on the thumbnails below to view larger pictures.


Participants were able to experiment with this process on either the tiles provided, or on bisqueware they had brought in from their own studio practice. Samples of the work are included below.

It would be great to see them all once they’ve been fired.


In the afternoon, Lindsay Montgomery took us through the historical development of Maiolica/Majolica, and provided a demonstration of the process.

20150131_142248-120150131_144737-1january workshop20150131_154859-1

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