Meet Our Artists, 2015: Sayeh Irankhan

12 Nov


Everyday we wake up and hear about senseless violence and killings, bigotry, racism, discrimination, genocide, objectification used to justify death and destruction. This is our reality, this is how we live and we have come to accept that violence and death will not go away.

My job is to create beauty and harmony. It is to give life to a pile of clay and glass to make them come alive. I created this series of living on another earth, a different time and space, a earth where duality of good vs evil does not exist, best described by John Lennon’s song “Imagine”.

Occupants of this other earth live in harmony with no judgment, no violence. I have tried to portray their calm and bliss on their faces. No child ever dies of hunger or violence, no woman is beaten, no war has ever been waged. Floral designs and colours are significant because the race of people portrayed are intertwined with nature and live harmoniously with it. Birds are central to all the figurines, signifying freedom, agility to move and the ability to let go. The birds have perched on creatures of love to signify their willingness to stay and live. Depiction of their anatomy is that of a female in our current universe. However, duality does not exist and evolution has taken a different path. These feminine looking creatures are strong and stable and embody the strength and free spirit of horses as we know them on this earth.

This existence, this life is unbearable without art and beauty. Peace has become an illusion. I hope my current work and this statement can be a reminder that we can create an earth that lives in peace and harmony.







We thank all who attended our Winter Sale at the Toronto Botanical Gardens.



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