Meet Our Artists, 2015: Natalie Waddell

13 Nov


My love of clay and the seemingly infinite possibilities and challenges it provides continually pulls me along my journey as an artist and creator. The core of my work is formed around exploring functional items and their ability to connect to the user both on a tactile and an emotional level.

Forming my work on the wheel, pinching as well as through hand building with soft slabs, I use a combination of surface decoration techniques ranging from hand painted and carved designs to the use of commercial decals. I fire my pieces multiple times in an electric kiln and carefully build up the layers of design, texture and colour until each piece is ready to go out into the world.

The long, rich and constantly evolving art of ceramics and surface decoration techniques provides constant inspiration and guidance to me as an artist. Sharing my visions and creations with people and having a connection to them through my work is my continuing mission as a ‘Maker of Things’.

You can learn more about Natalie by visiting her website:




We thank all who attended our Winter Sale at the Toronto Botanical Gardens.



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